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If you are experiencing performance issues, try running Chrome Browser with only one tab open. And run the Youtube stream in an extra window.
If that does not help, you should keep the Map and Livetiming closed.


Driver Swaps. How often a team has changed the driver yet.
How often a team has entered pitlane to make a pitstop.
Long Stops
How many of the teams pitstops have been long stops. By the end of the race, each team has to do a certain number of mandatory long stops.
Tech Problems
When a team had to leave the race due to connection issues, rejoins and continues racing, this will be registered as 'Pitstop with technical problems'.
Inc | Offs
Incidents and Offtracks. Hovering over it, you will also get the average impact speed of the Incidents. Clicking the column once will sort by Incidents, clicking twice by Offtracks. The colors mark the teams with the highest number of Incidents red and those with the lowest green.
Fastest Lap of the team.
Average of all laps of the team - without introduction laps and laps for pit-in and pit-out.
Consistency. The average lap is compared to the fastest lap.
Last Laps
The last laps of the team. Introduction laps and laps for pit-in and pit-out are greyed out.
Incidents View
This view of the table splits the race into segments of equal length - so having a 24h race with 12 segments means one segment is 2h long. For each segment, you can sort and see which team has collected how many incidents and cuts.


Click classes
By selecting a certain class (instead of 'All Classes'), only this classes teams, drivers and their events will be displayed.
Click teams
By clicking a team, only this teams drivers will be displayed and the event list will display only this teams events. Also, some other values (like deltas) will be displayed relative to this team. Click the team again to unselect.
Click columns
Most columns can be sorted by clicking the columns header. Click twice for reverse order.
Auto Refresh
By default, Auto Refresh is selected. It will reload the page content every 60 seconds. Please do not reload manually too often. If you want to reload manually, do not use the browser refresh - use the Refresh Button right next to the AutoRefresh Button.
Events: Limit 100
If checked, only the last 100 events will be displayed.
Events: Only Important
If checked, only the most interesting events will be displayed.
MyTeam | Favourites
When clicking a teams name, you can choose to set this team as 'MyTeam' or up to 4 favourite teams. These 5 teams will be displayed in detail in Favourites view. They will also have special markers on the map.

Track Map and Livetiming

The Track Map shows all cars on the track, updated every 2 seconds. To save server-bandwidth, please close the map if not needed! If you have Livetiming enabled, but the Track Map closed, Livetiming will be updated every 10 seconds.
Map Labels
Cycle through different labels for the cars. Right now there are Team Number, Team Name and Driver Name.
Livetiming Deltas
The deltas in the livetiming are live deltas, relative to the car ahead in overall ranking (not class-ranking). As they are based on the track-positions of the compared cars, they can fluctuate strongly depending on the cars being on straights or corners.
Pos Car Team Laps Delta LastLap LastS DS S LS TP Inc|Offs Dam Pen Delta Fastest Average Const Last Laps {{$index+1}}
{{team.posOverall}} ({{team.posClass}})
{{team.lapsCompleted}} {{team.lastStop}} L {{team.driverchange}} {{team.stops}} {{team.discos}} {{timeGetDisplayFromMillisMinimal(team.fastestLap)}} {{timeGetDisplayFromMillisMinimal(team.averageLap)}} {{team.consistency}}%

Driver Statistics

Name Team InCar Laps Time Fastest Average Const Inc|Offs
{{driver.lapsCompleted}} {{timeGetDisplayFromMillisMinimal(driver.totalTime)}} {{timeGetDisplayFromMillisMinimal(driver.fastestLap)}} {{timeGetDisplayFromMillisMinimal(driver.averageLap)}} {{driver.consistency}}%

Pos Team Delta

Time Event
{{event.time}} {{}}